Because the barbet is a little breed, it is important to look for enough variety in its genetics. For this reason, it is of great importance that there are many studs available. All the breeders know how difficult it is to find a good stud for their bitch. Before you can marry your dog, you have a long way to go: the inbreeding has to be as low as possible, the dogs must have good hips and the morphology of the stud has to match with that of the bitch. When all of these conditions are fulfilled, you have to find the coordinates of the sought-after stud...

Because of these reasons, it is important to show your dog at the world!

These days it is also required in Belgium to control the dna of your dog to be sure of his parents.

Like in all the other countries, it is also recommended to do research to hip dysplasia from the age of 12 months. In order to this, you can consult a vet for a radiograph.

Before your dog will appear in the international database, he has to achieve a 'good' at an exposition CAC or CACIB with a Belgian judge. When there is no Belgian judge available, you have to present your dog on the certificates day organised by the Royal Fédération Cynologique of St.-Hubertus two times a year.

You can consult the international database on Barbet-international

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2 Deejee Dakota Van de Zonnehonden(B)
3 Amaretto Roméo de la Baie des Landes
4 Jedi Vom Zulimo (B)